RE: Dynamic Addressing
Tue, 16 Jan 96 22:46:57 EST

I had the same problem using mIRC.
I have an answer for you.
I contacted my provider. I told him which local phone number
I called to connect to the net. My provider then gave me a list
of all IP address' for that phone #. He told me to then once
I log on ping each IP address until I came up with the smallest
reply time number. The smallest number you receive will be the
IP address you are on during that call. Then you can use that
IP address for cuseeme. I know it takes time but it works.

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> My internet provider has dynamic addressing. That is, each
time I
>log on I get a new IP assigned. I'm able to use video on reflectors
by using
>my default gateway address, but I'm not sure if that would work for
>one-on-one. If I list my assigned IP in my host file, I can't
receive video.
> Does anyone know what the best way to handle this? My
provider says
>the only way I can get a permanent, fixed IP through them is by
getting a
>leased line for five times what I currently pay monthly.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> Also, I don't really know anyone using CUSM, but if I get the IP
>question answered, I would like to do a one-on-one to fine tune my
>performance and transmission settings. If anyone would be willing, please
>let me know.---Gary
>Gary J. McDonald
>"Chance favors the prepared mind."

Name: Ronie
Date: 01/16/96 @Time: 22:46:57