Chameleon 4.6 Winsock Problem - Possible Soluton

Wed, 10 Jan 1996 09:06:24 -0600

After much testing, I think I have a possible solution for the Chameleon
4.6 winsock problem connecting to CU-SeeMe:

You need to have a "Domain Name" assigned to the Internet Service
Provider (ISP) you are connecting to. When I didn't have that field
populated, I got the Gethostbyname() error and subsequent errors.

Here is what I did:

1. Open the Custom Application
2. Click on Setup then Configuration
3. Click on the Name Resolution tab
4. In the DNS Domain Name: block, type the domain of your ISP (in my
case, it is
5. Under Host Resolution Order, I have Local -> DNS
6. Save the changes and click on Connect

That is all I did, and it seems to work fine. If you have any other
problems, I have seen other solutions floating around on the CU-SeeMe

Thanks and Good Luck!
Dan Miller (