Needing info

Leslie McClure (
Wed, 17 Jan 1996 18:34:15 +0000

I have been given the task of researching the feasibility of
installing a CU reflector on our system. We are an ISP who will be
installing it on the Solaris 4 system.

Does anyone have any input on whether CU has a commercial quality
that would make it acceptable for small to mid-sized business
concerns as far as video-conferencing. I realize that this is the
purpose and goal of the CU but from what I have been able to observe
it, at present, would not be adequate.

I view CU from the office on an Ethernet and from home on a 28.8.
Does ISDN allow for stable usable audio? Can 2 refs be ran from the
same system? How many "conferences" can be programed into one ref?
Is there a way of isolating "adult" conferences from public ones?

If you can shed any light on the commercial feasibility of CU I would
appreciate it.