Re: QuickCam and modem on same port?

Carlos Puig (
Wed, 17 Jan 1996 19:48:57 -0800

>Now, I also got CU-SeeMe for video conferencing. It uses both QuickCam and
>the modem at the same time. Can these two can use the one modem port at the
>same time.


>Or will l I have to unplug the printer cable and put QuickCam in
>the printer port for video conferencing?

Yes, or switch between the camera & the printer.

My setup:

(1) 28.8k modem connected directly to modem port.
(2) QuickCam & Stylewriter connected to printer port via A/B serial
cable switch.

I can switch between the camera & printer without restarting. However, the
switch needs to be set to the printer position before you bring up the
application's print dialog. If you don't switch early enough, the system
complains about not having a printer.

Connectix specifies a limit on the total cable length between the camera &
the computer. I believe that it's 12 ft. max.


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