RE: CUseeMe compatibility

Jurgen M Lobert (
Wed, 10 Jan 1996 22:38:40 -0700

>>Windows NT - We've made no effort to make CU-SeeMe work with NT and have no plans to do so in the near future. A few users
have managed to make it work though.<<

Would it be possible to get in contact with some of those users?

I'm a little surprised to see that CUSEEME is not supported for
Windows NT - which is on its best way to become the future
standard for commercial platforms. It's the most powerful
platform out there, but is always treated like the pest, i.e.
avoided by any means because it needs a little more attention in
programming due to its security features.

Anyways: It would be nice if someone could tell me how to get it
to work before I invest in hardware that is likely to not work.
Alternatively, you can pass my name and email on to someone who
might know.

Thanks in advance!


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