NYSERNet Reflector's next

Jean Armour Polly (polly@well.com)
Wed, 10 Jan 1996 11:10:21 -0500

Folks- I don't work for them anymore, and I don't speak for them, but my
understanding is that the NYSERNet reflector is about to be closed to all
but NYSERNet affiliates (New York State). This is too bad, since it's been
running as a stable public site for almost three years, and one of the few
with a T-3 connection.

This is happening as a direct result of the recent flashing incidents.
My personal take is that it does not belong in public places, like a public
reflector. Especially public reflectors operated by public research money.

Still, there should be someplace where people can self-select to go there
and see it/participate in it. We have nude beaches, but they are clearly
marked and labeled, so no one stumbles in by mistake. We have nude
nightclubs, but they are clearly marked and have admission charges. Look
for the same on the Net, RSN.

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