Re: CU-SeeMe with a PPC 7500

Scott Hudson (
Wed, 10 Jan 1996 08:14:11 -0600

At 3:34 PM 1/9/96, Jeffrey Rowe wrote:
>I have a PowerPC 7500, which has video input jacks on the back.
>When I connect my camcorder I can capture and edit video quite
>nicely. When I run CU-SeeMe, however, all video transmission options
>are disabled. Do I need an additional video card or is there
>some way of getting CU-SeeMe to recognize the video inputs that
>already exist?
> Thanks,
> Jeff Rowe

Jeff, I have a buncha 5200s with video cards with the same problem s-video,
composit, and even cable(f-connector) will not show video for CUSM but in
any other app its great. If you get an answer let me iknow. I also have a
call in to Apple and if they know I will report back

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