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Luc Volders (
Wed, 10 Jan 1996 12:53:52 +0100


> Any help would be appreciated. I have installed
>CU-SeeMe PC Windows Ver WO.84. I am running Windows
>95 with a ComputerEyes/RT video board, but can
>not seem to get my local video to work. I can
>however get remote video and my audio connection
>is working fine. I have attempted to download
>the latest ComputerEyes driver from
>, but have had no luck
>making a connection to the host. Suggestions

Please have a look at the CU INI file in the windows directory.
There is an entry for WINDOW0.
Mostly the X and Y coordinates are located out off the 640x 480
Edit this INI file and the problem is solved (make a safety copy first).

Another point is this.
I found sometimes the local window hidden behind the CU main window.
Do NOT minimize the main program window because you will need the menu
Just make it as small as possible and you will find other users windows
visible sometimes, and your local window.


CU-SeeMe users looking for reflector IP adresses?
My reflector list can be found (amongst a lot of good Mac related
and other stuff) on
Look at the columns section.

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