Porn: Yes, However!

chicago60657 (
Wed, 10 Jan 1996 10:51:53 -0500

I have absolutley NO problems with allowing pornography on the net.

!!!!! BUT !!!!!

1) Likening it to nude beaches or porn availability in Europe is an invalid
For one, most of the nude beaches, at least the ones I've been to (e.g.
Zanfoort in Holland and Lady Jane Beach in Sydney, Australia to mention
only two) are restricted to specific areas AND have signs posted telling
people they are headed into a nude beach area! Just as you know what
you're headed for when entering an adult bookstore or nude beach, so should
you be advised before entering a "porn" reflector.

2) Telling people to turn off their video if they don't like what they see
on any reflector is ignorant.
WHATEVER happens between 2 consenting adults is THEIR OWN BUSINESS!
However, when connecting to a general public reflector, for example run by
a .edu, one does not expect sexual confrontations nor should they have to
be the ones to leave!!! It is the exhibitionist who should find the
appropriate place and the consenting receiver. They should NOT be
intruding on someone who has connected to see NASA or a university
environment! I don't have the right (NOR SHOULD ANYONE ELSE) to expose
themselves anywhere they please where others can see. What the hell kinda
right is that? Isn't that public lewdness?

Get with it people! Jeez. I can't believe this subject goes on. and on. and

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