Re: Problem with 4.00b3 relector and .84b7 Windows client -- URGENT

Andrew Germaine (
Wed, 17 Jan 1996 20:59:24 -0500 (EST)

On Sat, 13 Jan 1996, George R. Kasica wrote:

> Hello:
> I just installed the reflector software for BSDI on BSDI 2.0.1 here
> and have a few questions/problems:
> 1) What version should I run for the ability of multiple senders and
> viewers? For example several senders able to be viewed by eachother as
> wrll as just viewers. I really didn't understancd the MC and NOMC
> explanation.

theyre all multi-user. you decide how many with the different parameters
like max-participants, and at the confernece level with max-senders and
mc and no-mc is for multicast control. little is used with cusm today

> 2) I'm using 4.0B3 reflector here and when I connect with the .84b7
> viewer on WIN95 using a QuickCam I get the message of no response in
> the client sw, yet I'm connected and another machine acting as a
> viewer can see my transmission Per the refmon out put below:
yeah that happens. try connecting to a reliable public site first,
disconnect, and reconnect to your reflector. i have the same problem
with my reflector (white pine 1.0B2) and client (cornell 0.84b7 pc)

> 3)
How do I get linked to other Reflectors for something like NASA TV? >

log on the reflector and read the motd. theres usually an e-mail contact
for stuff like that. youd want to put in an "obtain-general-bcc ip.addr"
and have the nasa reflector but they need to add "send-general-bcc
your.ref.ip" (or something close to that)

This is the third request for help on this since mid-December and I
> have yet to get any type of response. I DO have winsock loaded since I
> can do other things via my dedicated network TCP/IP connection. I can
> connect to other relectors just fine, so I'm fairly certain the
> problem is on this end.

sorry. first i saw. :(