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Wed, 10 Jan 96 10:15:49 PST


I am using Chameleon 4.5. I can find the Name Resolution table, but don't
know what to do with it to solve this problem.

Do you have an email address for NetManage? If not, can you call them?
Please let me know. I have signed off the CU-SeeMe listserv, so send
messsages directly to me. Maybe someone on the listserv can help us.

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I think it means that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) does not provide
a local host name for your IP Address when it is dynamically assigned.

I understand that you are using Chameleon 4.6, right?

If you are, check this out in the Custom application:

Click on Setup then Configuration
Click on the Name Resolution Tab (or if in 4.5, click on Name Resolution)
Look at the box for Host Resolution Order. I think this is where it is

I do not understand this completely, but I think it has something to do with
how local hosts are resolved, whether it checks the host on the Domain
Name Server (DNS) first, or whether it checks the 'hosts' file which is
located in the c:\netmanag directory. You can always add a host to this
table by clicking on Services then Host Table within Custom.

Perhaps we should take this issue up with Netmanage????

Tell me your thoughts.

Dan Miller

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