The So-Called "Pornographic" Issue

RhS (
Wed, 10 Jan 1996 08:00:33 -0600

I have read, with growing disinterest and mounting concern, the recent
flood of mail regarding this issue of private parts being exposed on public

I must be in the the minority here because, over the past few weeks, I have
seen very few exhibitionists on the public reflectors. I have even
purposely sought them out, staying on for hours at a time and have only
seen one or two people showing off their inadequacies. To me this is not a
prevelant issue.

What is, though, is the tone of the messages I have read. More than likely,
the people who are writing would be some of the first to object if the
government added more control over the available content on the internet;
yet it seems that many of the writers want someone else help them from
seeing unwanted materials. This, like the debate over children seeing or
having access to adult sites, comes down to people not wanting to take
control over their own lives. Whenever we are confronted with something
"bad", many demand others take care of the problem for them. Then, when
those political and religious muscles are flexed and there is no more
access to anything, those same voices cry out that it has gone too far.
This is what is wrong with the entire system in which we live right now.

People cry out they don't have time to police their kids. Bull! I work 80
hours a week and I control the times and topics my kids access on the
internet. I even know what movies my teenager watches.

A few of the contributors to this thread mentioned that, if you see
something that is offensive, close that screen. Damn straight! If we start
limiting what people want to see or do on the internet, then we'll all
eventually suffer. Because it will start with controlling one thing (like
the few exhibitionists out there) and eventually move to other, more
mundane, areas that one or two verbose people do not like.

That "one bad apple" term goes both ways. While to some the exhibitionists
are the bad apples destroying the fun of some people's internet/cusm
experience, those who try to ban these exhibitionists are destroying the
fun for others.

Control yourselves, people. Worry about yourselves. That (if your lives are
anything like mine) is a full-time job. I don't have time to worry about
what others do. I police myself. If others want to do things I don't
approve of, I leave...because there are plenty other places where I can go
to get what I want.

'Nuff said. Sorry to go on so long. But I had to get this off my chest!