Re: cu-seeme clients for SUN

Hank (
Wed, 17 Jan 1996 20:32:53 -0500

} Are there any plans to write a client to use on a Sun Solaris
} workstation. I am running a reflector here on my sparc station but I
} have several other people here with SUN stations and Cameras that
} we would like to share video with. The PC software is great but we
} also need a unix solution. Thanks for any help.

Funny, I'm trying to do the reverse...

But I'm confronting the same kind of archtecture wall. For your
solaris box, you may be interested in MBONE clients, like nv
(network video). You may want to take a look at:


This contians excellent documentation for both source archives and
instructions plus, it's not "overly hyper-linked" (know what I mean? :-)
You may have to apply a patch to a kernel in order to run mrouted on
your SUN's lan and your router may need reconfiguring but since you're
already reflecting CU-SEEME and their using the same virtual network,
you should not have a problem. I think I remember reading in some
CU-SEEME FAQ that there is some communication between MBONE
clients and CU-SEEME clients, however I think I remember that it
only worked one way: CU-SEEME clients get MBONE sessions, like
the NASA broadcasts. Anyways, your performance should be a lot better
but unfortunately the bandwidth is hardly geared for PC's and Mac's. I'm
currently broadcasting a live radio show on the MBONE's "Interenet Free
which can be found on the session display client (sd) and heard via the
audio client (vat) during saturday nites and it's quite fun. We feature
impressive guest DJ's from around the world and I'd like to share with as
many as possible. (Btw, except for the first minute -the entire 4 hour show
is commercial free)

( for info).

I have, however, been lurking and checking wether this will be possible
to cover the CU-SEEME (PC/Mac) environment. Ideally, I'd like to bring
a mac lap-top (Powerbook 603 100Mhz 16M RAM) to the studio, dial in
to work via a 28.8 modem, and broadcast both (*gulp*) video _and_ audio.
This presents a bulkload of work on my free time so any insight or help
would be _GREATLY_ appreciated before I pursue a task that produces
poor quality. If anyone asks "well, what're ya gonna do fer me?", I'd like
to offer setting up a public reflector on our own site (since the show is
long). Alright, so it may not be cash, but I'm trying! :-)

Much appreciated for any help - and good luck to you,