What it takes!

Wed, 10 Jan 1996 20:36:41 -0500

I recently bought a Connectix QuickCam for my home system and am very
interested in its ablity to participate in video conferencing over the
internet through America Online.
I have looked around at various software to accomplish this, and CU-seeme
seems like a fairly painless way to go. My problem is, I do not fully
understand everything I apparently need to know to make this work. I'm not
that computer illiterate, but some of this stuff is way over my head.
I shopped around on your website for the most current version of CU-seeme,
and there appear to be many versions of this program. After downloading one
of what I thought was the latest version of CU-seeme, I couldn't quite figure
out what I had after I got it! Looking for an easier way, I discovered AOL's
version V0.84 in their software downloads for telecommunications and obtained
it, I found it very easy to get it going. What puzzles me now is I don't know
what I should do next, especially on how to obtain an IP address, which I may
already have and don't know it, and how to set up a Host name to go with it.
When I start CU-seeme I appear as "Tom Servo" in my window. What's that all
I did connect to your testsite and I have a lot of others online with me,
only problem is I can't see anybody in their windows.
Below is a breakdown of what equipment I have and am using when I start
A Gateway P5-100XL PC
A 14.4 modem
16 MB of Ram
Connectix QuickCam for Windows
Windows 95
America Online V2.5
Winsock.dll for AOL 2.5

I do understand that I will need at least a 28.8 modem to send and receive
audio which I don't really want to invest in unless there is dramatic
improvement. I also understand that an ISDN connection would be a thousand
times better, but don't know if it's available in my area, and AOL currently
doesn't support it.
Bottom line is, can I sucessfully run CU-seeme at all with my current setup,
if not what do I need, and if so what else do I need to do?
Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated!