RE: Dynamic Addressing

Michael Sattler (
Thu, 18 Jan 1996 01:26:42 -0800

At 22:46 1/16/96, wrote:

>I called to connect to the net. My provider then gave me a list
>of all IP address' for that phone #. He told me to then once
>I log on ping each IP address until I came up with the smallest
>reply time number. The smallest number you receive will be the
>IP address you are on during that call. Then you can use that
>IP address for cuseeme. I know it takes time but it works.

Your ISP is yanking your chain. What sort of operating system are you
running that you can't determine the IP address you've been assigned? I
know that MacTCP and Open Transport do; I'm pretty sure Winsock does.

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