PowerMac 7200 video hardware

Martti Rahkila (mrahkila@siba.fi)
Thu, 18 Jan 1996 11:32:17 +0200 (GMT+0200)

I have a PowerMac 7200/90 PCI and I would like to use CU-SeeMe with it.
My problem is, that the particular model does not contain full AV-
equipment, only Audio. By the time tha machine was purchased, Apple
had promised to provide an external video card for 7200 models.
Still they haven't done that.

So, I started looking for other video hardware for PCI PowerMacs.
Sofar, I have found only one with reasonable price: MiroMOTION DC20
(8000 FIM ~ 1600 $).

I'm asking now, if anyone knows can this card be used with CU SeeMe?
It is not mentioned in any of the documentation.

And another question: Does anyone know any other video hardware
for PCI PowerMac 7200?

In my experience, QuickCam does not provide high enough quality for me.

I appreciate any hints, comments, solutions...

Martti Rahkila
Sibelius-Academy, Helsinki, Finland

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