Question on the Quickcam video window

Stan Bolin (
Thu, 18 Jan 1996 07:32:59 -0800

I recently installed the current Windows version of CU-SeeMe as well as
a Quickcam. Everything worked OK for a couple of days - I was able to
connect to several refelectors and the software seemed to be operating
as designed. Today I tried to startup as usual and I now have no local
video window of myself. I am running Windows 95 and my name appears on
the task bar at the bottom of my screen but there is no window open.
When I connect to a reflector, I get the open eye on some of the
participants which indicates that they can see me. When I test the
camera with the software supplied by Connectix, it works OK.

Any suggestions for me to get my video window back on the screen when
running CU-SeMe?