Ref behavior and control

Grant Newland (
Thu, 18 Jan 1996 22:19:01 -0600

I have been following all comments on lewd behavior on public refs with
interest. My feeling is that it will not subside, and that the only solution
will be to provide sufficient adult-only refs to give them a place to go.
If there's no room they will find one where there is room, G rated or not.

Sex on the internet is entertainment to many people. There are many valid
views on the subject. I won't dare make a judgement whether it offends
me or not, because who's to say I'm right or wrong ... I will say that the
internet is simply a vehicle for conveying your particular data, and whatever
that data is suits me fine, as long as I don't have to deal with it if I don't
want to.

MY SUGGESTION ... This is a stretch ... Assign a conference ID, maybe 69,
to adult only traffic, and allow it on all reflectors. Clearly state in the
message that anything goes that is legal, on that particular ID. Some refs
will be unable to adopt such a policy but if the majority do, there will be
room for all.

(I may be all wet ... is it possible for a ref to do two ID's at the same time
and keep the video streams separate?)



(PS - Dan McMullen, I just ran across your message after I wrote this one.
Your similar suggestion makes me feel better about my imagination. Also your
suggestion to assign another ID, like 16 (your number), to specifically G rated
activity, is a good one too, which will help avoid the occasional oops on
the zero
ID, good for school demos etc.)