PMS drivers .. I have them, but ....

Grant Newland (
Thu, 18 Jan 1996 22:19:10 -0600

To all ProMovie Studio and Spectrum users:

Some time ago, nearly a year, an effort was made by several MediaVision
board owners to get MV to fix their improper video for windows interface
which would have fixed the negative or greyed-out images in CUSM.
They decided not to mess with it, but DID send me all of the versions
of PM Studio and Spectrum that existed, in one gigantic e-mail attachment.
I don't recall the specific person at MV who offered the stuff, as my hard
disk was rebuilt at one point and I lost my e-mail folders. He did say if any
of the stuff helped, feel free to pass it around.

I had some strange behaviors using CUSM and my ProMovie Studio board
(at that time), first my image was a negative, but also it lacked contrast, the
image having maybe 4 grayscale levels and all of them nearly the same
intensity. The CUSM picture control lightened/darkened the gray image
but couldn't add contrast or make it positive. I sent for a while with the
text caption "Sorry MediaVision Board" in the video window. When it was
apparent MV was not working on the problem, and I then received the version
packages, I played with things and found one of the files in one of the versions
fixed the contrast problem, but nothing ever inverted the palette until WP
added the option (then Cornell). I look great now, no more black teeth.

Here's the BUT ... I don't remember which version I pulled the file from,
or which file it was, I have no notes. All I remember is that it was not
from the
latest stuff, it was older than that. Also, since then I have reinstalled
the PMS
from scratch, on a clean hard disk having nothing but DOS and Windows,
and the contrast was good. Unless something is stored on the board, that
suggests something else was coincidental in fixing the contrast problem.
This is why I have not mentioned these files to the group. They also are pretty
big () and will not fit on my web space, unless I only place a few
key files there, or a specific version of PMS/S. If somebody has room
on their web server or ftp site, I will move the whole thing there.

The versions are named / sized:
PMSTUD21 1.36 mb
MOVSTUD 1.24 mb
MVSPEC11 936k

Anyone want to try this stuff, I will e-mail a file list to.