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>Subject: Why don't people help?
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> I've been subscribed to this group for about two weeks. When I
>first began seeing the messages, I wondered why people were unsubscribing.
>I think I now know the answer.
> The answer is simple; they don't get any help! I have posted and I
>have noted other posts that were of interest to me, but there are no
>replys. There is no assistance given. WHY?

Wrong, Walt.

Since December 1, 1995 I have sent a total of 370 messages, most of which
were direct replies to people asking for help right here. Yes, that's right
- 370. I actually went back and counted. And I am not the only person here
sending help to others.

Most of the people I have emailed have responded back with a thank you, or
for more info. I spend as much time as I think is needed on each reply. I
have even worked with a woman day in and day out for about 10 days until we
finally figured out what her problem was.

Some of the messages I forwarded to the list for others to see. I send
replies to all of the messages that I know how to answer. Most of the
questions are the same over and over, like "where can I get a list of
reflectors" or "why can't I do audio at 14.4", so I point a lot of them to
my web page if the answer can be found there, or to other people's web
pages. If it's not on my web page or another, then I give them a personal
reply and an offer to help further if they need it. If it's something
SPECIFIC to the Macintosh, I leave it for a MAC person to answer.

If you are a PC user and have posted a plea for help here, and I passed it
by, then I most humbly apologize. Even I make mistakes, and I do know that
I have accidentally deleted a message once or twice before reading it and
replying. Please send your question directly to me, and I will do what I
can to answer it.

> I understand how difficult it would be for the Cornell people to
>answer each query. So how about help in another manner. Issue a FAQ to
>include the typical problems encoutered as well as a cofiguration list
>(What do you need as a minimum and typical user configurations.), with
>weekly updates.
> I have searched the Web pages of others and have found some
>answers, but that doesn't
> a) answer all the questions and
> b) is a great deal of trouble for what you get.
> How about it can we get some real help, in one place?

FAQs? There are FAQs on both MY web page and Michael Sattler's web page.
There is a file called FAQ.TXT that comes with the windows version. There
are probably others, too. One place? Gee, Walt, I don't know if I could
persuade all of these people to get rid of the web pages that they have
worked so hard to create. Check out some of these links, directly from my
web page:">Streak's CU-Seeme Info Page">White Pines CU-SeeMe Info Page">CSUSM Windows World">Michael
Sattler's CU-SeeMe Desktop Videoconferencing">John Lauer's CU-SeeMe
Event Guide">John Lauer's People Pages">VejOut's CU-SeeMe Info Page">Clips of cu-seeme events from Eden Matrix">Eden Matrix's "Livenet" page">Busbey's CUSM Friends">Hubble's CU-SeeMe Page">CU-SeeMe E-Zine">CU-SeeMe at NCSU">CU-SeeMe Schools">CU-SeeMe Video Conferencing
Experiments">Jher's CU-SeeMe Page">NASA Television on CU-SeeMe">Susan Warshauer's English
Class CU-SeeMe Session">The "Un" Un-Official CU-SeeMe Home Page

All of these people took the time to create web pages dedicated to CU-SeeMe,
and most of them did it on their own time, just because they like to help
people. I think you might want to reconsider your claim that "they don't
get any help!"

P.S. I am also compiling Windows specific Qs and As for a web page. If
you have any question (and possibly the answer) specific to Windows 3.1,
Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Windows NT, or Windows 95, I would appreciate
it if you would forward it directly to me.

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