Problems with New betas

Roy (
Fri, 19 Jan 1996 08:40:59 GMT

Ok, after HOURS of messing with CUseeme under Windows '95, I have come to
some conclusions.

First, I was convinced that most EVERY reflector had a problem. You see,
most of the time I receive no picture whatsoever. I had played with the
video switches endlessly trying to fix the problem. I was running the
Windows version, most recent beta (.84b7).

Then, I decide (for a laugh), to run the old version (.70b1). It works like
a champ. Now I know why people like this software soo much. Problem is, this
older version hates my QuickCam and has no Chat Window function.

So, even thought the FAQ suggests there are no problems with Windows '95, I
have found otherwise. Anyone else with a similar problem? Can I get an Alpha
or something that will work on Windows '95 AND give me back my chat window?


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