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Fri, 19 Jan 1996 02:40:40 -0600

At 03:46 PM 1/11/96 GMT, you wrote:
>Is it possible to videoconference two stand-alone
>PCs thru a 28.8 modem connection using CU-SeeMe?
>By this I mean directly dial up one PC from
>the other and establish a PPP connection etc.
>If so, is there any additional s/w needed?
>Thanks in advance

Yes, and I will have the info on my FAQ page very soon. Make a not of the
url at the bottom of this message, and I'm attaching the answer to this:

<h3>How do I connect with a friend by dialing direct to him, and bypassing
Internet using Windows 95?</h3>
1. Go to your Control Panel. Click on "Network" , if you see TCP/IP ( OR
TCP/IP->Dial-Up Adapter ) in the Network components list goto step 3.<br>
2. To install TCP/IP, click on Add button. Double-Click on Protocol.
Clickon Microsoft in the Manufacturers list.Double-Click on TCP/IP in the
Network Protocol List. Press OK on all the dialog boxes. The system will
prompt you for Win95
CD/Disks... Follow the prompts and install TCP/IP. Restart you system. Go to
step 1.<br>
3. Double-Click on TCP/IP ( OR TCP/IP-> Dialup Adapter). You'll get to
TCP/IP properties.<br>
4. Under IP Address tab click on Specify an IP address. Enter any number in
the format<br>
aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd in the IP Address field(for example<br>
Enter in the subnet Mask field. (Note- Subnet Mask might not
be necessary. Press OK and restart your system.<br>
5. Repeat the same process on your friend's PC. Except in step 4. use a
different IP Address (for example<br>
6. Go to your Dialup Networking (under My Computer). Go to connections menu
and select Dialup Server. Enable accepting connections and press OK.<br>
7. Ask your friend to create a dial up connectiod to your phone number.<br>
8. Have the friend dial your phone and wait for successful connection and
both start CuSeeMe.<br>
9. Make sure both get local Video<br>
10. Either of you can go the the Conference Menu and connect to other using
that person's IP address.<br>
NOTE- One precaution, if you decide to go on the internet after this and if
you rcv IP address from your ISP, you'll have to switch your IP address from
the one assigned by you to dynamically assigned and restart your

For Trumpet users:

<h3>How can I use cuseeme WITHOUT going thru the internet?</h3>
<blockquote>Set both Trumpet winsocks to compatible settings (e.g., both to
same numbers for block sizes). Make up a (different) IP number for each
winsock. Enter this fake IP number and fake name in the "hosts" file in your
winsock directory:<p><p>

Setup one winsock by manually or automatically dialing in the same
commands you use to set up with a modem, e.g.<p>


and then the command to make it answer the phone:<p>


And hit the ESCAPE key to enable SLIP. This modem will then me in answer

On the other, just call it up:<p>


When connected hit the escape key to enable SLIP.<p>

Then in CU-SeeMe, just type in the fake IP number of the other guy into the
"connect" window to make a connection.</blockquote>

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