Re: Why don't people help?

Luc Volders (
Fri, 19 Jan 1996 11:53:30 +0100

> I've been subscribed to this group for about two weeks. When I
>first began seeing the messages, I wondered why people were unsubscribing.
>I think I now know the answer.
> The answer is simple; they don't get any help! I have posted and I
>have noted other posts that were of interest to me, but there are no
>replys. There is no assistance given. WHY?

And just maybe people DO get help.
If someone posts a question to the mailing list, and it is a question
that has been
answered already 20 times, there is no reason for replying on the mailing
so I (and I am not the only one) respond to them personally.
That way the answer will not show up on the mailing list.

If the answer is satisfactory, there is no reason for these people
to stay on the list, so they unsubscribe.

That's also an explanation.


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