Re: 8500 Open Transport

Scott Hudson (
Fri, 19 Jan 1996 07:44:22 -0600

>I am having problems with the setup:
>Computer Model: Power Macintosh 8500/120
> 32 Meg RAM
>Operating system: System 7.5.2
> enabler 1.2
>Open Transport version 1.0.8
I am still to new at fixin CUSM but I have OT 1.1b11c3 (thats right, wierd
huh) and I have no problems using my 8100. I have 32 meg and I use RAM
doubler. System 7.5.1 and update 2.0d2. Incoming video is slow and local
freezes for just a bit when a new participant appers . Other than that it
works fine. I am using a flexcam in the AV port which does give a fast
video in than the quikcam. Try the newer version of OT(another thing I have
to read on :( ) That should cleatr up some probs

>The Problem: Cu-SeeMe Starts up ok.
> When I connect to another IP Directly, the incoming
> video seems to hang the local video. Then the remote
>connection times out.
This happens to me for about 5-10 seconds when a new person shows up but I
do not time out

good luck

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