Re: Couple items.

Cliff Perry (
Fri, 19 Jan 1996 07:09:05 -0800 (PST)


On Thu, 18 Jan 1996, Rob wrote:

> I have Beta Vers 1.0a2 for Windows and have Win 95. I have been on
> reflector and had another transmitter state "there are 4 lurkers" however
> mine lists zero and has NEVER listed a lurker. The old rev of CUseeme
> showed a complete list fine. Is there a bug with the new rev? I have no
> way of knowing who is onboard with the group UNLESS transmitting.

I have the same version (although not on Windows 95) and it seems to work
ok on 3.1.

> If 3 people are on a reflector and 2 are 28,800 and one is 14,400, does that
> bring everything to its knees having a 14,400 in the picture?
Should be dictated by your own settings, although the 14.4 will send/receive

> Why when on a reflector with say 3 - 4 people disconnects are phenomenal?
> One on one has enough problems but to attempt any kind of group just plain
> isnt realistic yet. CUSeeme is great and I am sure they will get it but
> they just aint there yet. Agree?
> Rob
Depends on your settings and also the settings of the reflector. I've been
on reflectors for hours with 20-30 people, 8 windows open. Also with a
couple of them that wanted to disconnect every minute! Maybe someone else
has a better idea.

Good luck!