Re: censorship

Richard Collins (
Fri, 19 Jan 1996 13:19:09 -0330

I hate to see this discussion go on but I can't let this one pass without
comment. Today's Internet is not the techy's only place you may have
come from anymore. If it's going to survive as the Internet it has to be
a place for all. May all those who wish to wave their parts please make
a place for yourselves and go there.

I want my children to be able to sit down at the computer and adventure
through a space fit for them. Right now that's not a reality anymore.

Last year someone was kind enough to put up a reflector so that you could
connect and see some sparrows hatch eggs and raise young in a nest
outside the window. It was great and it's the kind of thing that will
make their world a bit more travel-able then ours. You Sir are fighting
for the right to offend and that I have a problem with.

Make a place and go there. The "right" to force your delights on others
is "abuse".