[M] Performa 630 with Apple Video System

Roger Conrad (rconrad@tmn.com)
Fri, 19 Jan 1996 15:49:43 GMT

The problem: Performa 630 freezes up within 60 seconds while transmitting
and receiving video. It does not freeze if only receiving video (e.g. not
sending video or video output paused). The the problem seems to be
unrelated conflicts with to extensions, control panels, or other
applications. I have adjusted transmission and reception rates with no luck.

My System: I am using a Performa 630, Apple Video System with Panasonic
Camcorder (NTSC) attached, 8 Mb RAM, 28.8 modem, System 7.5, MacTCP 2.0.4,
and a PPP connection.

A while back I posted a message about the problem and I received a few
messages from other Performa users who had the same problems. Tim Dorcey
from Cornell, asked about the problems too.

Has anyone found a solution? Any suggestions?