Re: Freezing [M]

Roger Conrad (
Fri, 19 Jan 1996 16:04:14 GMT

Ton just wrote:

>I just managed for the first time to get in tocuh with reflectors,
>as only very recently my provider stopped to ban CU-SeeMe.
>Now I ran into a new problem:
>My Mac keeps freezing about 5 minutes after getting a connection
>with a reflector.
>I have a Performa 630, 12 Mb, Suprafax 28.8
>Any ideas would be welcome.
>Ton Thole

I posted a similar message moments ago! I hope the knowledge that others
have the same problem comforts you, Ton! At least it is not a specific
defect with my machine, as I have worried! Are you using the Apple Video
System, Ton?