Re: Does or doesn't Quickcam need a video cap board for CUSeeMe

Luc Volders (
Fri, 19 Jan 1996 17:35:11 +0100

>I just can't find an answer to this simple question anywhere on the Web.
>If I'm using a Windows machine, can I just buy Quickcam and
>download the CUSeeMe Windows beta, or do I also need a video
>capture board?

The Quickcam is a complete solution.
It is a small cam with all electronics needed in it.
it is connected to the printer port of your computer and
it will send it's video data through that.

So you do not need a capture card.

It is a cheap solution but:
Video capture cards are becoming more cheaper all the time.
And video capture cards offer you more like:
- video capture from a video recorder
- video capture from a cam (any cam will do)
- Some even offer watching TV on your screen

Another advantage is that they will work with any cam, and a lot of
people already
have a cam at home.
And capture cards work in colour. So you are prepared for future

Quickcam is b&w and a colour version is scheduled, but if you buy the b&w
you have to buy later the new colour version. If you want colour that is.

So capture cards have a lot more advantages, although they are more


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