Re: censorship

Naved A Surve (
Fri, 19 Jan 1996 11:18:06 -0500

In message <> you said:
> To all those reflector managers out there who are 'quite shocked' to
> see pornographic video being bounced around on the internet:

I am not shocked at all with pornography on the reflectors; however, I do
see the need to have some reflectors that can manage to achieve their
intended goals, and I respect the right of a reflector manager to regulate
the content that is rebroadcast by HIS reflector.

> b-what do you think, the only images you'd see would be the kind you
> want to see?

> If you're simple enough to think that public reflectors
> wouldn't be subjected to such transmissions, then you're too simple
> to be in a responsible management position-

On MY reflector, I am going to do the darndest to make sure that the only
images rebroadcast are the ones that I want to see. You seem to be missing
the point that the reflector is running on my machine and I hold the keys.
If you're simple enough to think that I am going to let MY reflector get
overrun with people I don't want, then you're too simple to be in a
responsible management position-

There are other reflectors out there, if you want to see porn, go to one of
them. I am not trying to censor the internet, I am trying to run a
reflector, and I set the rules for my reflector. If you want to use my
reflector, then you live with my rules.

> Face it-if you use any communications medium, eventually you're going
> to be exposed to some pornography or obscenity.

> If you see something you don't like, stop looking. If you hear
> something you don't like, stop listening.

I have an agenda in running a reflector. If pornography is a distraction to
that agenda, then I will not allow it. As a reflector manager, I get to
determine what other people see and hear. If I don't want them to
see or hear your message, then looks like you are SOL.

Don't act so surprised. Ever wonder why Playboy doesn't show harder
porn? CENSORSHIP!! CENSORSHIP!! Ever wonder why ABC News doesn't cover
stories on the second coming of Elvis? CENSORSHIP!! CENSORSHIP!! Same
story on the internet.