To all
Fri, 19 Jan 1996 11:43:47 -0500

To say I was suprised as to the number of responses to my posting in
regards to why there was a "perceived" lack of help on my part in this
message area is an under statement. If only I would have had that many
people answering my previous queries!

Most people understood my message but I feel some may have misunderstood.
I was not flaming anyone. I was simply suggesting that there may be
another, if not a better, way to publish and organize assistance.

I already feel I am in a minority, since I'm a Mac user. (And given what is
being written about the Apple Corp. in the financial pages, I might soon be
a minority without a country.) In that arena, there are special
circumstances that are unique to the Mac. I have attempted to help those
who have asked when I could. (The terrible type 11 error) However, I do not
have all the answers and as much as anyone I need help.

We all have the same goal, making CU-SeeMe workable on as many systems and
configurations as we can.

So do any of you run CU-SeeMe with a configuration similar to mine (see
below)? If so let's see if we can help each other and the many people who
would be interested in our problems and solutions.

LC 475 with 50 MHz power PC 601 upgrade card
12 Meg physical RAM + Ram Doubler
28.8 modem with PPP connection using at various times Mac PPP or Free PPP
(both latest versions)
QuickCam (using the QuickCam microphone also)
Numerous extensions ( 5000K + system size)

Waiting to hear from you.