RE: Dynamic Addressing

John Beaver (
Fri, 19 Jan 1996 09:40:26 -0800

> >I called to connect to the net. My provider then gave me a list
> >of all IP address' for that phone #. He told me to then once
> >I log on ping each IP address until I came up with the smallest
> >reply time number. The smallest number you receive will be the
> >IP address you are on during that call. Then you can use that
> >IP address for cuseeme. I know it takes time but it works.
> Your ISP is yanking your chain. What sort of operating system are you
> running that you can't determine the IP address you've been assigned? =
> know that MacTCP and Open Transport do; I'm pretty sure Winsock does.

Unless you are running Trumpet TCP/IP 2.1f.
The have a HUGE error where you cannot get the information from the =
stack from the GETHOSTNAME function. The only way to get your IP =
address is to look at TCPMAN which is run by Trumpet on startup. This =
function is "THE" way to get you IP information from the stack. Without =
it, is it really WinSock compatible? This is a standard WinSock call =
that all stacks should support. The error they give is not even valid!

Just FYI