Re: [W] Does or doesn't Quickcam need a video cap board for

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Fri, 19 Jan 1996 10:52:51 -0800

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>I just can't find an answer to this simple question anywhere on the Web.
>If I'm using a Windows machine, can I just buy Quickcam and
>download the CUSeeMe Windows beta, or do I also need a video
>capture board?

A glance at the QuickCam specs ( or phone or look at
it at the store) would tell you that it plugs into your computer's parallel
port so NO video capture board is necessary. I'm using it on my Toshiba
laptop with great success.

Only one caveat: On the Windows version, you need a keyboard plug to give
it power. It has adapters for PS/2 or standard keyboard plugs. The problem
is the PC Parallel port has no power pins. While it's possible to bleed
power from other pins (like they do on serial port things) this is highly
unadvisable and you can't power much from it. So you can't use it on
laptops that don't have a keyboard plug.

The keyboard plug has a pass-thru so you can still plug in your keyboard on
a desktop model.

The Mac doesn't have this problem because they bring out real power pins to
the Appletalk/Serial ports, where the QuickCam plugs in on the Mac.

Have fun.

- John

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