Re: Don't Ignore Social Implications (was: Pornography on reflector)

Cliff Perry (
Fri, 19 Jan 1996 14:10:58 -0800 (PST)

Hi! The "CUSEEME culture" is in its infancy. A new toy for all of us.
Unfortunately, there aren't enough reflectors for the demands (adult,
research, community/national/international events, hobby, etc., etc.)...
I've tried to log on to "adult" reflectors, with 20-50 people "lurking" and
it is a zoo! On the other hand, some public reflectors have nobody
logged on! (Except NASA !)) There will ALWAYS be "antisocial" comments,
which I will (and have) fought to protect. But until there are enough
reflectors up to hendle the "adult" traffic, a lot will spill over. A prime
example of enough resources is IRC. About 50% are "adult topics" (maybe
more), but there are enough to cover the gamut of virtually any interest.
Until the reflector selection ( "UP" reflectors) catches up to the demand,
there will be "adult" overflow onto public reflectors.

There, now I feel much better!


On Wed, 17 Jan 1996, Mark Kilby wrote:

> On Wed, 10 Jan 1996, Luc Volders wrote:
> > I think a few on this list are making an issue out of nothing.
> > If someone is exhibiting himself on a reflector: just close the window.
> > You would do that on TV, so do it also on a reflector.
> > The discussion is just between a few people on this list so I think
> > most even do not care.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Luc
> >
> I disagree. I personally am interested in how the Cu-See-Me user community
> will resolve this problem. As more people begin to interact via CUSM, and
> the Internet in general, these kind of social issues will continue to crop
> up and they should not be squelched due to a perceived lack of interest.
> However, let me thow in a caveat. Having read newsgroups for several years
> now, I tend to avoid reading most of the messages that fly past when I see
> numerous replies to the same topic. Instead, I'll typically read those
> messages from folks that usually provide constructive suggestions or info
> (i.e., Luc and Michael S. in this case).
> Perhaps we should consider how to approach such issues as a community and
> not stick our heads in the sand on these non-technical issues. I don't
> have specific suggestions, but perhaps we can consider developing a forming
> to discuss and decide such issues. The newsgroup voting mechanisms and
> LambdaMOO issue resolution approaches may provide insight.
> My $0.02.
> - Mark
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