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Samuel A. Gray III (
Fri, 19 Jan 1996 18:35:48 -0500

Completely not. The point was how to control this. My response was
that attempts to control are a-authoritarian b-ineffective since
there can be no real-time control. Also that perhaps we shouldn't
take this to be a real threat...sorry if I didn't continue the
'control' thread in a 'constructive manner'. I don't consider
blocking an ip address from linking to a reflector constructive.

As cuseeme doesn't include a mechanism for 'content warning'-except
maybe the reflector login message- the software itself is part of the

So-be aware that kind of stuff is out there. You shouldn't need a
warning, you should be aware that it's out there and you'll
occasionally bump into it. Are we innocent children? Surely not the
adult internet user-and those children that are should be properly
supervised. We already prevent underaged children, and
under-represented young adults, from purchasing alcohol, we have
committees that review library material... The onus of awareness
should be on those that provide internet access to children, not on
the world society to stamp out 'questionable taste', 'obscenity', or
'pornography'-all of which are in the eye of the beholder.

You will be exposed to pornography from time to time-your choices
include always closing the window of those sending it.

I just hope that people don't feel the need to prosecute
somehow-which the reflector manager in question was trying to figure
out how to do...

>>> newland <> 1/19/96, 07:43pm >>>
Sam, your CUSM list posting is way off the point. The issue is,
should adult material be broadcast without warning on public
If yes, then the only choice you have if you don't want to see it
(or show it to classrooms, etc) is to avoid the use of CUSM

This is not a solution, as we all are entitled to play with the
latest stuff. If you can think of a *constructive* way to address
this, please post.