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Samuel A. Gray III (
Fri, 19 Jan 1996 19:44:38 -0500

a-stop trying to convince parents that their kids won't be hurt.
won't happen. I'm not a parent, even if I was, I have no idea what
parents think about their own kids.

b-Just because you own a machine doesn't mean anything. You're making
a logical leap from ownership to rights of ownership to control as an
extension of rights of ownership, to the legal ramifications of said
supposed control...A guy comes to your house, steals your computer,
where is your control? Rights in general are amorphous, the physical
world is where things happen. You don't have the right to put pirated
software on it. You probably have some. You have the right to be
tried in a court of law before you can be found guilty. Doesn't mean
you can't be imprisoned without trial. (there, that seems to cover
both extremes of that issue).

You put a machine on the net, you have no effective control over what
goes into it. You probably don't have any idea of what can come out
of it. You think you know...but do you *really* know? No. So don't
worry about it. As long as it does what you want it to do, be
somewhat happy. You still paid for it, you know; we didn't. If you
want to pay good money to put up a reflector on the internet, you
have to allow people to use it without being able to control their
every movement, every spoken word...unless you think it's a
television broadcast station or something.

The time will come, much like the development of software viruses,
when you acquire software which you think does one thing which in
fact does something else. Or somethings else. Now take that and put
it in your pipe and smoke it.

>>> Luc Volders <> 1/9/96, 06:11am >>>
David wrote:

>Ever been to a European beach? Seen a lot of topless women, or
>Were you offended? Should their beaches be restricted? There are
>zillions of kids there. Would you like it if women went topless on
>beaches here? No? Who decides? Is "OK" in France but "Not OK" in
the US?
>You get my drift.

You are right !

Ever looked at European TV ? Sex all over the channels.

Ever been at a sex shop in Holland.

Ever been to a news stand in Germany, France, Italy, Holland or
Looked at all the pornographic magazines there. Your kids can also
look at them.

Kids are over here sexually educated at the age of 12 at schools.
Most off the time they already know about it even earlier.

Now what is all the fuss about ?

Now let me put a thought here.

If you're kids are under a certain age, they do not know what it is
about and they probably do not care.
If they are at the age that they do KNOW what is going on no harm is
done either, because they know what it is about.

Kids will never think that something is wrong, unless someone tells
There is nothing wrong or dirty with sex.
That is only in YOUR mind.

But a reflector is owned by someone. He/she (the owner) has rights
because he/she is paying for it, and we are *not*.
So if the reflector owner does not want exhibitionism he must have
the right to reject this, and we have to listen to what he/she wants.
Otherwise go to a different reflector.


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