Don't Ignore Social Implications (was: Pornography on

Samuel A. Gray III (
Fri, 19 Jan 1996 20:12:25 -0500

How about
"Not doing anything like complaining to someone else to do something
because you're upset?"

>>> Mark Kilby <> 1/17/96, 03:36pm >>>
On Wed, 10 Jan 1996, Luc Volders wrote:

> I think a few on this list are making an issue out of nothing.
> If someone is exhibiting himself on a reflector: just close the
> You would do that on TV, so do it also on a reflector.
> The discussion is just between a few people on this list so I think
> most even do not care.
> > Regards,
> Luc

I disagree. I personally am interested in how the Cu-See-Me user
community will resolve this problem. As more people begin to
interact via CUSM, and the Internet in general, these kind of social
issues will continue to crop up and they should not be squelched due
to a perceived lack of interest.

However, let me thow in a caveat. Having read newsgroups for several
years now, I tend to avoid reading most of the messages that fly past
when I see numerous replies to the same topic. Instead, I'll
typically read those messages from folks that usually provide
constructive suggestions or info
(i.e., Luc and Michael S. in this case).

Perhaps we should consider how to approach such issues as a community
and not stick our heads in the sand on these non-technical issues. I
don't have specific suggestions, but perhaps we can consider
developing a forming to discuss and decide such issues. The
newsgroup voting mechanisms and LambdaMOO issue resolution
approaches may provide insight.

My $0.02.

- Mark

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