Re: Why don't people help?

David Ross (
Fri, 19 Jan 1996 19:28:41 -0800

>From: David Ross <>
>Subject: Re: Why don't people help?
>At 05:48 PM 1/10/96 -0500, you wrote:
>> I've been subscribed to this group for about two weeks. When I
>>first began seeing the messages, I wondered why people were unsubscribing.
>>I think I now know the answer.

I've been a subscriber for about a month, and have the same problems-no REAL
help whatsover.Welcome to the club....

>> The answer is simple; they don't get any help! I have posted and I
>>have noted other posts that were of interest to me, but there are no
>>replys. There is no assistance given. WHY?

I would imagine either a)Just don't know the answers, b) lazy or c)just
plain selfish and don't want to help.

>> I understand how difficult it would be for the Cornell people to
>>answer each query. So how about help in another manner. Issue a FAQ to
>>include the typical problems encoutered as well as a cofiguration list
>>(What do you need as a minimum and typical user configurations.), with
>>weekly updates.

How about a damn newsgroup for CUSEEME? Anyone ever think of that? Hell, at
least we would have the option of what we want to read rather than having to
weed thru all crap that fills our mailboxes.

>> I have searched the Web pages of others and have found some
>>answers, but that doesn't
>> a) answer all the questions and
>> b) is a great deal of trouble for what you get.
>> How about it can we get some real help, in one place?