feasibility question

Dominique Pivard (domi@kenavo.clinet.fi)
Sat, 20 Jan 1996 14:17:39 EST


My girlfriend is currently in the US for a few months and I'm in
Finland. We are thinking of using CU-SeeMe but before investing any
money, I'd like to first test the feasibility of our porject. The
parameters are the following:

Girlfriend: 486DX2/50, 20 MB RAM, T1-connection
Me: 486DX2/66, 20 MB RAM, PPP over 57.6K leased line
We intend to buy a couple of Connectix Quickcams

What kind of performance can we expect with such a setup?

I have already installed CU-SeeMe on my machine and tried to connect to
a few reflectors 8as a lurker). It worked but I got tremendous amounts
of network errors in my PPP window and the video was very jerky. My
question: would a one-on-one connection put so much less load than when
going via a reflector that the performance would dramatically increase?

TIA, Dominique

Dominique Pivard (domi@kenavo.clinet.fi)
Helsinki, Finland