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Bill Woodland (
Sat, 20 Jan 1996 09:25:13 -0600

>From: "Laurence G. Kahn" <>
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>Subject: Re: Assertion Error Message
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>>I'm using the Cornell W0.84b7 version of CU-SeeMe under Windows 95. On
>>occassion I have listed in the Participants Sending list a name that has
>screeen showing <not my own>. When I click on the name so as to send
>>it to the Participants Sending (Not Showing) list below, I get the
>>following error message:
>>Assertion Error
>>Null Assertion()
>>File: c:\e\cuseeme\r084\core\video02.c
>>Line: 424
>>The name refuses to be moved, the user's screen still remains unseen
>>still counts as one of ones allowed open in the max screen # limit.
>>Anybody else seen this, have a solution?
>same problem under windows NT... I increase the number of windows and new ones
>come up and that one eventually goes away..
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This is due to a bug in the participants list code, which is being
re-written. We will just have to live with it until Cornell can get a new
version completed.

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