Re: Freedom to its limits? -Reply

Serge Ecoiffier (
Sat, 20 Jan 1996 17:17:47 -0500

>So the issue really is that we have a bunch of teachers ect. who are
>worried about the legal/employment ramifications of having this
>happen to kids in their care?

What you state is not the issue but one of the more important concerns. The
issue is whether people using public places, whether a physical location or
an electronic one such as a public CU-SeeMe reflector, to expose themselves
have more rights than those who simply use the place as initially intended.

A nude beach, to use an example given earlier, is posted as such to warn
those who could be offended to avoid the area. A public reflector owned by
an educational institution is not be the place to expose one's ...
attributes, or lack thereof. Those who wish to do so are the ones to move
on ... They should be the ones setting up 'special' reflectors to satisfy
their needs ...

That's all.

Serge Ecoiffier