Luc Volders (luc@box.nl)
Sun, 21 Jan 1996 01:26:39 +0100

>Don't act so surprised. Ever wonder why Playboy doesn't show harder
>porn? CENSORSHIP!! CENSORSHIP!! Ever wonder why ABC News doesn't cover
>stories on the second coming of Elvis? CENSORSHIP!! CENSORSHIP!! Same
>story on the internet.

Well you are right in one thing.
Playboy does not show harder porn because they do not want to.
And you are right that you as the maintainer/owner of a reflector have the
right to decide what can and can not be seen on your reflector.
Because you are paying for it with real money.
The same right that Playboy has to publish what they want.

But there are other magazines also, like Hustler etc. And they DO publish
harder porn.

Now the difference is that magazine publishing is one way.
A reader/subscriber can not sent pictures and stories and have everybody
look at them directly, like it is possible with CU.

And if someone do makes a contribution to a magazine, the editor decides
it is in the intrest off the magazine.
But then different things apply. Magazines are commercial and want to
have as
many readers as possible for subscription fees and getting advertisements.
So they have a policy on what kind of market they are adressing.
That's a significant difference.

Guys and girls we are looking at totally new media.
Remember that.

And there is another thing involved here.
I am not trying to annoy anyone: remember that first.

You are all talking about Censorship etc.
But what censorship ?
Censorship the US way ?

Internet is a global community, not a local one.
Culture, politics, laws and even morality vary in all the countries in
the world.
And all these countries off the world are represented on the Internet.

And look at sex on the internet.
Do a search in Yahoo on sex. Look how many web sites there are related to
compared to other subjects.
Look at IRC, how many sex related talk groups are there ?
Even look at the Usenet newsgroups. Sex is there a major issue.

So anybody talking about banning sex on public CU reflectors, is also
banning sex in the usenet groups, IRC etc.

If you are worried about your kids: worry on.
If they can connect to a reflector they can also read the newsnet groups,
join IRC chat or look at web pages.
So should we close down all that to, or censor it. Get real !
If you do not want to read that, skip the sex usenet news, don't look at
IRC sex channels, and do not look at the sex web sites.
So close the window on CU you do not want to see.

Now there is one argument that some reflector owners always point out.
We want our reflector to be used for serious work and videoconferencing
for industrial purposes, educational purposes etc.
That sounds fine. But is not a standing argument.

If you want your reflector to be used for serious purposes, you can not
it a public one anyhow.
As soon as the IP adresses are known people want to visit it anyway.
And wether they behave or do not behave is not important.
If you really want to do work on a reflector you can not have people
who have nothing to do with it, join publically.
That's the same as having a board meeting or study meeting in a disco or
People will walk in all the time who have nothing to do with it, and will
join the discussion anyhow.

So get real. If you want a reflector to be serious, you will have to make
private for the time you need it for serious purposes.
The rest off the time open it publically and do not bother with what is
on there, or just put it off line.


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