CU-SeeMe over 28.8 modems

Christer Swartz (
Sat, 20 Jan 96 16:35:48 PST

Does anybody on this list use the "CU-SeeMe Talk" plugin with the Mac
version of CU-SeeMe? I need some suggestions for what settings to use
for Max & Min transmission & reception. I'm connecting to my ISP via
ISDN but the other user I'm connecting to is using a 28.8 modem to his
ISP. When we connect and try to use "Talk" I see all of his text in the
Talk window but he doesn't see any of my responses. He does see what I type
in the main video window, but not in the Talk window. If he disconnects his
camera and just uses Talk then we can type both ways without a problem,
with him receiving my text and video and me receiving only his text. So
obviously my video is reaching him but my Talk-text is getting crowded out

I've tried reducing my transmission settings to a max of 28, on the
assumption that this won't flood him with traffic. I've tried higher and
lower settings but with no change. Clearly his upgrading to ISDN would help,
but does anybody have any experince with this plugin over 28.8 modems?

We're both using version 0.83b3 for PowerPC, both using QuickCam cameras,
with me on a PowerMac 9500 and him on a PowerMac 7500. (The URL listed in
the "About Talk" menu,, doesn't seem to be
valid anymore).