Open Transport!

Turk (
Sun, 21 Jan 1996 02:31:37 -0600

I have seen a couple messages from people with PowerMac 7200's,
7500's and 8500's here wondering how they can get CUSM to work. Some are
having problems just getting the video to work, but it would all be for not
unless they have gone back to using Mac TCP version 2.0.6, because Open
Transport at this time is still incompatable with any version of CUSM.
This is supposed to be fixed with release 1.1 of Open Transport, and
that is not going to be available until sometime later this month or next,
as part of system update 2.0.
So until then, unless you go back to Mac TCP, you can't use CUSM
with your new PCI Power Mac that comes with Open Transport.