Re: [G] Controlling Undesirables on Reflectors

Jim R. Crewe (
21 Jan 1996 16:02:46 GMT

Quote..".. Someone in the mail list complained about regulars (and Cornell or
White Pine) not answering questions being posted here. They are
answering questions (as I am), however, I believe in most cases, only
directly to whomever posted the question. Just think how much mail
you would have to read through if they posted to the mail list as well
as answered directly. Now that wouldn't be such a big issue for all
of us if everyone cooperated using a designation in the subject line.
Only a couple folks have started to use the [G] General, [PC] PC, [M]
Mac, [R] Reflector designations prefacing the subject line..." end

My feeling is that the mailing list would function more effectively if
replies to questions were NOT made via email but to the List. People like
myself learn a great deal from reading other users questions and seeing the
responses given. I'm sure a lot of time and duplication of effort would be
avoided if users saw the answers before they asked the questions!