Cu-SeeMe and Trumpet Winsock

Michael Davidson (tgdavid@ZEUS.TOWSON.EDU)
Mon, 22 Jan 1996 00:19:55 -0800

Dear CuSeeMe Gods...

I'm using cu-Seeme with Trumpet Winsock and Slirp. Here's the deal...
I can receive Video and Chat through Trumpet. When I go to send, I get
timed out. I'm using a Connectix Quick-Cam. At this point, I'd say:
"Sure, it's the hardware!" Except...

I can switch winsock.dll's and use troy's winsock. This allows me to
send video just peachy, But reception is painfully slow, and chat is

I know...there's about a thousand variables that could be messing up.
I'm just wondering if anyone's ever mentioned this and if there's a quick
fix for it.

Any answer would be great....even a clue as to where to start looking.

Mike Davidson.