Winn95 and Winsock

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Mon, 22 Jan 1996 09:23:20 +0100

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>Sometimes Windows 95 rename the winsock.dll to winsock.old (I don't know
>Check for winsock.old and rename it to winsock.dll

Not obviously documented, but under the windows directory is a directory
called SYSBCKUP. It appears that if you change a file in windows or
windows/system, and it exists in sysbckup, on the next boot the changed file
is renamed to .old, and the original file copied from the sysbckup directory.
I guess that normally only installation programs change the content of this
directory, but to stop the winsock being overwritten, put your version also
in sysbkcup.

(I struggled with the same symptoms as you describe trying to install the cim
version of winsock)