Re: [W] White Pine 10a2/transmission caps!!

John R. Haggis (
Mon, 22 Jan 1996 03:55:12 -0800

Dave, none of this works. Absolutely. It means I get thrown off reflectors
and can't talk at all to modem people! I tried it every which way but
loose. Realize we're talking about the Windoze version.

So I'm waiting with baited breath for that Beta version. Please make these
caps work!!

And hold back, please, on the TimeBombs (expirations). It's really a drag
when the new version is severely broken and you can't back up.



At 03:45 AM 1/19/96 -0500, you wrote:
>If I remember correctly the problem with 10A2 was with the two caps may be
>reversed so your min is being set wrong, try swaping them.
>Another possbile bug was that you needes to use the arrow keys to adjust
>the number and not type into the field, I may be confused.
>One sure fired method is to manually edit the cuseeme.ini file and
>set the caps to what you want.
>For those waiting, sorry we have been so silent these days, but lots of long
>hours getting through Beta 1 limited distribution has us close to a Beta 2
>which within the next 2 weeks will be available to the public on our web
>page. This includes loads of changes including Color, new very low bandwidth
>audio codecs, white board, new GUI with toolbar etc. etc. along
>with a new Beta of the reflector which will allow true access to multi-
>conferences and work over 28.8 or even 14.4 modems.
>Sooooo keep your eyes open for further anouncements, after we get some
>sleep :-)
>Dave B.
>>I was using White Pine 10a1 because it was the only version that worked with
>>the Quick-Cam for Windoze. It was working fine on my Toshiba Pentium laptop
>>on the ethernet connnected to a 128-K T1. I had to dial down my
>>transmission max to 12Kbps to send reasonable video and audio to someone
>>with a 28.8 modem.
>>WP 10a1 time-bombed out on Dec 31, so I downloaded 10a2 last week. It's
>>real snazzy but the transmission caps don't seem to do a !@#$% thing. It
>>always says "100 max" below my local video window no matter what I dial the
>>transmission max cap setting to. And lo and behold, it sends at 80-100
>>Kbps. My picture comes out all chopped up at the other end (presumably from
>>lost packets) and audio comes similarly all chopped up. We had audio
>>working perfectly with 10a1.
>>What happened??!! Is anyone else having this problem? Anyone know about it??
>>- John
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