Problems on PowerMac 7200

Liz Quigg (liz@FNAL.Gov)
Mon, 22 Jan 1996 17:01:27 +0600

We have a lab of PowerMac 7200s with System 7.5. We downloaded the
software from White Pine, but are having a lot of trouble just
communicating between two computers in the lab. We keep getting time
outs before any communication is established. We are using a Connectix
QuickCam on each computer. It occurred to me that we might need to
upgrade the software for the QuickCam. I think we got the latest
version of CU-SeeMe. We have also had trouble linking up with any other
sites. They tend to time out. We are using the modem port for the
Thanks for you advice in advance.
Liz Quigg, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory