sending and receiving through a firewall

Phil Hochstetler (
Mon, 22 Jan 96 11:40:10 PST

I recently bought a Connectix Quickcam and got it working under WIN95 (great
product by the way). My problem is that at work I live behind a firewall
that would only allow UDP traffic at ports >1024 to a select group of machines,
but my PC is not one of them. I did find a solution and thought I would
share it. It is possible to proxy udp packets from CU-SEEME. I took a
program called "udprelay" and hacked it. After some searching, I found the
protocol for CU-SEEME documented well enought that I could figure out how to
proxy it. The trick it so replace your IP adress in outgoing packets with
the IP address of the proxy machine. Note, I don't know what would happen
if multiple users tried to connect to the proxy machine ...